Assalamualaikum wbt.

I’m Dida, 27 y/o Malaysian lifestyle blogger. A muslim girl.
I love Islam and I do respect other religion too.
Currently I’m pursuing my PhD in Physics at one of my local Uni here in Malaysia.
I need a space to pour my stress out. So here, I do blogging.
By blogging, I’m searching for peace and inspiration for myself and also hope to inspire others as well.
All my content feature posts on general lifestyle,  beauty and everything else in between.
All views and opinions are solely mine (which it may change over time) and I truly have no intention to exploit others.
Unless stated, all photos and posts are works of DIDADIDID.COM.

Oh why the name DIDADIDID you ask? Well, it’s Dida Did Id (Dida Did It). Such a blehh Facebook username back in the day.
But I do like this name so I just made it my domain. *wink!*

I welcome any tips, guidance and your constructive comments as a great blogger to assist me in this blogging journey.

Thank you so much for visiting ❤

Best regards,
Dida Did Id.

Dida Did Id