A Mini Tour on Simple Journal Planner by Mochithings

Hello February!

I hope that it is still not too late to introduce to my current planner for 2016. This planner is from MochiThings under the series of the Simple Journal Planner.  Comes in two different soft colors which is pink and gray. It featured in hard cardboard cover and spiral binding with very minimal cover design. I believe that this planner is from French designer since the cover is written in French. Mon Journal means My Journal. En faisant un vogage means By Making a Trip (please correct me if I’m wrong, I just google translate this).

This planner contains a total of 160 pages which include year, month and weekly plan with some extra pages for free notes.  Plus there is an envelope attached at the back of the planner, which is very useful to keep your notes, receipts, memos, photos etc.

Okay let’s walk through this cute planner.

Mon journal_1

Clear plastic cover with pockets.

Plastic pocket

This is the first page of the planner. I love grid pages! The papers are quite thin but so far they hold my ink well.

This is the yearly plan view.  Here, I jotted down all the holidays and birth date of my favorite people.  

Followed by the monthly plan. I love the fact that this planner is dateless so you can start whenever you want. The weeks start on Sunday, just suit me well since Johor start their week on Sunday. I love the idea that I can write my to do list on this monthly view page just for a mini reminder about what I need to do/to achieve in a month.

Monthly layout

The only downside of this planner is, the weekly plan start on Monday. But it is not a big problem tho. I’ll get use to it. They have 5 weekly pages in total before you hit the next monthly plan.  For the weekly plan section, the weekly plan layout is on one side of the page while the other side contains grid notes for you to write memos about that week.

Weekly plan layout

Free note layout.

Free note layout

The last page is for personal information and info in case of emergency.

Info layout


Overall, this is a  good and very well-made planner. I think I will start updating my week view using this planner under a new blog category “My Week”.

p/s: I forgot to mention that the plastic cover is not include in the package. They are sold separately in the section planner cover.